8 Commercial Landscaping Ideas to Attract More Customers


One of the best ways to catch the attention of potential customers is to make your business exterior eye-catching and inviting. Having an aesthetically pleasing commercial landscape design not only adds value to your business, but it also gives a good first impression to your customers. In today’s blog post, we’re going to give you eight commercial landscaping ideas that will help you attract more customers to your business.

1) Seasonal Landscaping

Keeping your commercial landscape up-to-date and seasonally relevant is a great way to grab attention as people drive by your business front. Adding seasonal flowers and plants such as daffodils, sunflowers, and pansies can be a vibrant attraction and create real interest in your business. Also, fresh flowering trees, shrubs, and ground cover can be a simple and effective way to update your landscape throughout the year.

2) Create a Welcoming Entrance

Making sure your business entrance is warm and welcoming can go a long way in attracting more customers. Adding potted plants or large ceramic pots with seasonal colors, or those matching your brand’s color scheme, can give your entrance an instant facelift. You can also install lighting along the path leading up to the entrance to make it more visible and inviting.

3) Incorporate Water Features

Water features give your commercial landscape a unique and elegant look, while also attracting attention and relaxation to space. You can choose from fountains, small ponds, and other water features that match your landscape design to give your business visually stunning ambiance.

4) Creative Signage

With approachable and creative signage, you can inform customers about promotional deals, events, or features of your business. Use attention-grabbing signs to capture the customer’s attention, giving them a reason to stop by and check your business out.

5) Maintain Your Landscaping

Routine maintenance of your commercial landscape is a must-have, as it keeps your property looking vibrant and beautiful throughout the year. Maintaining your property means regular mowing, pruning, mulching, soil testing, and other necessary steps. By engaging a professional landscaping company, you can rest assured that your business will always look neat and attractive.

6) Incorporate Sustainable Elements

Customers are increasingly becoming conscious about the environment and want to support businesses that share their values. By incorporating sustainable elements in your commercial landscape design, such as native plants, rain gardens, or solar-powered lighting, you can show your dedication towards environmental responsibility and attract like-minded customers.

7) Outdoor Space for Events

If space permits, consider creating an outdoor event space that can be used for special events or gatherings. This will not only create an additional revenue stream but also act as a unique selling point for your business. You can decorate the space with beautiful landscaping, lighting, and seating to attract potential customers looking for a unique and picturesque venue.

8) Embrace Your Brand

Your commercial landscaping should reflect your brand identity and values. This could mean incorporating elements such as your logo, brand colors, or even specific plants that align with your brand image. Not only does this create a cohesive and professional look for your business, but it also helps customers associate the appearance of your landscape with your brand.

Project Feature

GLS Landscaping and Maintenance recently completed an impressive industrial park landscape renovation project in Greensboro. Our team accomplished the following enhancements to beautify the area:

1) Reseeding the grass to ensure a lush and vibrant green space.

2) Adding 12 elegant Italian Cypress trees for a touch of sophistication and privacy.

3) Upgrading the drainage system to ensure proper water management and prevent any waterlogging.

4) Installing river rock around the facility’s perimeter, adding a natural and visually appealing touch.

Check out some of the after photos below:

Transform Your Commercial Landscape Today!

With these eight commercial landscaping ideas, you can attract more customers and enhance the overall appearance of your business. From seasonal updates to sustainable elements, there are plenty of ways to make your landscape stand out and leave a lasting impression on potential customers. All the above landscape concepts can be adapted to each individual business’s unique requirements and budget, and we hope that you found them informative. Contact GLS Landscaping and Maintenance today to transform your commercial landscape into a beautiful and inviting space that will attract more customers! Let us help you make the best first impression on potential customers.