Beat the Winter Blues with Proactive Lawn Maintenance in October


Winter is coming, and before you know it, cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions will be headed your way. For any homeowner or business owner, this means getting your lawn ready for the winter months ahead so that it can keep its lush look all season long. But don’t wait until November or December to start taking action – October is actually the best time to get on top of your proactive lawn maintenance! Keep reading our blog post for some helpful tips on how to protect and maintain your outdoor space throughout the colder months.

Mow at Regular Heights Until Growth Stops

Mow your lawn at a regular height until the growth stops. This will help keep your grass healthy and prevent it from being damaged by cold temperatures and frost. As the weather gets colder, you can gradually decrease the height of your mower blades to about 2 inches. This will also help reduce the risk of snow mold and other diseases that can harm your lawn during the winter.

Apply Winterizer Fertilizer + Weed Control

Apply winterizer fertilizer and weed control to your lawn in late October or mid-November (after the newly seeded lawn is mowed 4 times). This will help your grass stay healthy and strong throughout the winter months. Winterizer fertilizers are specifically designed to provide nutrients that your grass needs during the dormant season. They also contain a higher amount of potassium, which helps promote root growth and increases the plant’s resistance to cold weather. Additionally, applying weed control will prevent any unwanted plants from growing and taking away nutrients from your grass.

Spay Grub Control Insecticide

If there is evidence of Grub worms in the lawn, it is essential to treat the area with a grub control insecticide in mid to late October. Grubs can do significant damage to your lawn by feeding on its roots during the winter months, causing brown patches and weak grass come springtime. By treating your lawn with a grub control insecticide, you can prevent this damage from occurring and ensure that your lawn stays healthy all year long.

Apply Slow Release Fertilizer to the Trees and Shrubs

Slow-release fertilizers are great for trees and shrubs as they provide the necessary nutrients over a longer period. By applying slow-release fertilizer in October, you can ensure that your plants continue to receive essential nutrients throughout the winter months when other fertilizers may not be as effective due to cold temperatures. This will help your trees and shrubs stay healthy and strong, so they can thrive once spring arrives.

Plant Trees in October and November

For better root system growth, it is recommended to plant trees in autumn, and October is the perfect time to do so. Planting trees during this month allows them to establish their root system before the harsh winter weather sets in, giving them a better chance of survival. Plus, planting trees also helps improve air quality and provides shade for your outdoor space.

Keep Leaves from Packing and Smothering Grass

Leaves are beautiful to see and fun to play in, but they can cause real damage to your lawn if left unattended. Make sure to rake up leaves regularly and dispose of them properly, as a thick layer of leaves can smother and kill grass over the winter months. You can also use mulching mowers or leaf blowers to help shred the leaves into smaller pieces that can provide nutrients to the soil as they decompose.

Be Sure Turf Goes into Winter with Moist—Not Wet Soil

Moist soil is vital for your lawn to survive the winter months, but you don’t want it to be too wet. Before the first freeze, make sure that your lawn is well-watered, but not overly saturated. This will help prevent root damage and ensure that your grass has the necessary moisture for healthy growth during winter.

Need Help With Your Fall Lawn Care?

Maintaining your yard’s pristine appearance year-round requires proper care during the fall season. Achieving a healthy lawn throughout the colder months involves a range of tasks, from mowing at the ideal height to applying winterizer fertilizer and weed control. If you’re seeking assistance with your fall lawn maintenance, look no further than GLS Landscaping and Maintenance. With our expert services, you can be confident that your lawn will receive the utmost care this autumn. Connect with us today through our contact page to discover more about our offerings and set off on the right path towards a stunning yard!