Exciting Landscape Design Trends to Look Out for in 2024


Are you ready to elevate your outdoor spaces and give them a modern twist? From captivating water features to the use of sustainable materials, the landscape design trends in 2024 are set to leave a lasting impression. We’re here to share with you the most innovative and creative ideas that have caught our attention – you definitely don’t want to miss out! Whether you own a home or a business, incorporating these cutting-edge trends into your outdoor space will bring remarkable rewards. Discover the exciting landscape design trends that are set to make a big impact this year.

Resilience & Sustainability: Drought-resistant Landscapes

One of the biggest trends in landscape design for 2024 is creating drought-resistant landscapes. With climate change and water scarcity becoming increasingly pressing issues, homeowners and businesses are looking for ways to reduce water consumption while still maintaining a beautiful outdoor space. This means incorporating native plants that are adapted to local conditions, using smart irrigation systems, and choosing sustainable materials in construction. Not only does this trend help the environment, but it also saves on water bills and maintenance costs.

Outdoor Living Spaces: Bringing the Indoors Out

In 2024, we will see a continued rise in outdoor living spaces. People are looking to extend their indoor living areas outside by creating cozy and functional outdoor rooms. This can include features such as comfortable seating, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens. With advancements in technology, outdoor spaces can now be equipped with weather-resistant televisions and sound systems, making it the perfect spot for entertaining or just relaxing.

Water Features: Naturalistic & Eco-Friendly Designs

Water features have always been a popular element in landscape design, but in 2024 we will see a shift towards naturalistic and eco-friendly designs. Instead of traditional fountains, natural ponds and streams will be incorporated into outdoor spaces to create a more sustainable and visually appealing design. These water features not only add a calming element to the space but also provide a habitat for wildlife.

Vertical Gardens: Innovative Green Walls

Vertical gardens, also known as green walls, have been gaining popularity in recent years due to their ability to add greenery into small or urban spaces. In 2024, we will see even more innovative designs using vertical gardens as a way to incorporate plants and nature into outdoor areas. These gardens not only provide aesthetic appeal but also have environmental benefits such as improving air quality and reducing energy costs.

Biophilic Design: Bringing Nature Indoors

Biophilic design is a concept that has been gaining traction in recent years, but it will become even more prevalent in 2024. This design approach focuses on incorporating natural elements and patterns into indoor spaces to create a connection with nature. In landscape design, this could mean including elements such as natural stone walls, wood accents, and plants indoors. By bringing nature inside, biophilic design promotes a sense of calm and well-being.

Lighting: Functional & Stylish

In 2024, lighting will continue to play a significant role in landscape design. Not only does it add an element of safety and security, but it also adds ambiance and highlights key features in outdoor spaces. In addition to traditional fixtures, we will see more creative use of lighting such as string lights, lanterns, and even solar-powered options. These lighting choices not only provide a functional purpose but also add a touch of style to any outdoor space.

The Emergence of Synthetic Turf

Artificial turf has been used in landscape design for years, but in 2024 we will see a rise in the use of synthetic turf. With advancements in technology, synthetic turf now looks and feels more realistic than ever before, making it a popular choice for homeowners and businesses looking for low-maintenance options. Not only does synthetic turf require minimal upkeep, but it also saves on water and eliminates the need for harmful pesticides.

Hardscapes: Pavers & Stones

In 2024, hardscaping is set to become increasingly popular. Hardscaping involves incorporating non-living materials like pavers and stones into the landscape. It offers multiple benefits, including the creation of durable, low-maintenance areas that can withstand drought conditions. Additionally, hardscapes serve as structural elements, adding visual interest and defining functional areas within the landscape. Get ready to witness the rise of hardscaping in the coming years!

Smart Landscape Design for Water Conservation

Conservation of water will continue to be a top priority in landscape design for 2024 and beyond. This includes using smart technology to manage irrigation systems more efficiently, utilizing permeable surfaces to reduce runoff, and choosing plants that require less water. With the rise of drought-resistant landscapes and sustainable materials, smart landscape design will play a crucial role in preserving our precious resources.

GLS Landscaping: Your Partner in Innovative Design

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